MNSDG’s mission includes thoughtful stewardship of natural resources, social and political equity, and responsible public and private governance. The MNSDG is guided by the work of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Stockholm Resilience Center. The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network articulates the sustainability principles and goals. The Stockholm Resilience Center provides a summary of the scientific work forming the context of the goals and principles. This work now it needs to be transformed into social and cultural change at the level of institutions and businesses.

Our vision is a world of sustainable communities. These communities recognize and understand social-ecological systems and are governed and managed for the common good in both in the public and private sectors.

Currently our priority is the creation of a sustainable agriculture/food system. Food is at the nexus of many of the issues we are now facing. There cannot be a sustainable society without a sustainable food system.

Statement of Principles: The MN FCN supports a food system that is health promoting, sustainable, resilient, diverse, fair, economically balanced, and transparent.


These services span the full spectrum of needs throughout the development and implementation process and afterwards:

• Strategic Planning

• Feasibility Studies

• Market Analysis

• Business Plans

• Marketing Plans

• Financial Packaging

• Financial Projections/Budgeting

• Organizational Audits

• Accounting Systems

• Loan and Grant Procurement

• Project Management

• Development Planning

• Board Training

• Governance/Policy

• Communications Strategy

• Identity Design

• Web Design & Development

• Print Design & Production